Via Cláudia, a bizarria em que o caso Maddie McCann se estar a tornar, para já, na imprensa gratuita no Reino Unido.



How can anyone with more than two brain cells put up with these stupid tabloids in this country!!?? I was coming back home and, on the tube, every single evening newspaper being read by the passengers featured stories like the one pictured above. I honestly almost felt like snatching the papers aways from my co-travelers hands and give them a lecture on the portuguese criminal and judicial system! (I'm developing a theory: the longest time away from the home land, the more patriotic one becomes).

Basically, these moronic people who call themselves journalists are using the claim of a Portuguese convicted murderess that the Portuguese police – the same inspector in charge of Madeleine McCann's case- framed her in the case of her missing daughter and might be doing the same to the missing brit kid's mother.

On this blog it was better refuted than I would ever be able to (…)"

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