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A síntese de conjuntura

Desta vez parece-me vantajoso para o entendimento ler a versão inglesa da Síntese de Conjuntura. Dados do INE.

"Though during the first quarter both the activity and climate indicators did not show any upward movement, reflecting the slow pace of the recovery experienced by the Portuguese economy, some positive signs have been perceived. If these favourable indications become long-lasting, a more dynamic upturn may be expected. In fact, more favourable information for the manufacturing industry has been gathered, together with a relevant growth of exports, according to the latest data. Domestic demand should have also recuperated, as a result of both private consumption and investment behaviours. Therefore, activity as a whole may have accelerated, even if all other sectors, besides manufacturing industry, seemed to have remained depressed. Furthermore, coherent with this recovery of the activity focalized on manufacturing industry, employment grew, manly due to the upward movement on that sector, together with a slowdown of the unemployment, which resulted in a more moderate increase of the unemployment rate, comparing to the previous year."

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Outras vezes temos um niquinho de respeito pela língua portuguesa… Em respeito a isso, desta vez parece-me que o serviço ficou melhor em inglês. É comparar…

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