After having highlighted the writings of Lutz, a German living in Portugal since 1993, about his youth in Germany and the way his generation of West and East Germans coped with the memory and guilt of the Holocaust, a hint on other kind of coping that almost every human being in the planet has to deal with, in some extent. Ordinary people living ordinary lives in Washinton D.C.:

(…) The healing was cemented on a September day two years after 9/11, when we moved into a new house on Capitol Hill, 13 blocks from the Capitol. You can see the dome from our front yard. But today, when I look at the Capitol, I think about how lucky I am to have a view of it, not that it’s an inviting terrorist target. Hey, the psyche heals.

At some point, it all comes down to this: either you live in fear, or you live in hope. Do I fear a terrorist attack? You bet. Does that fear preoccupy my thoughts at all times? Not any more. And I’m so grateful for that. (…)
Scott, “Real Estate Roulette”, Home Sweet Road

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