The last time I rented a car was in Switzerland, more precisely in Basel. It was an one week contract and I travelled more than 2000 kilometres. It was an experience that I would recommend specially if mixed with some train tours as well. At home I’m a huge supporter for public transportation but if the objective is travelling and trying to now more than the post cards of the place, a car is a good option. I remember that the task to find the best deal was quite time consuming and I would have appreciated to know already at that time the worldwide service provided by SiteStep.
SiteStep is an all-in-one international directory of commercial information for travellers. Plains, Hotels, Cruises, Packages, the works! And, of course, car rentals. For instance, I know a lot of people that went on holidays to Cancun – it is in fact one of the most popular destinations for Portuguese – but I can’t remember one that even tried to rent a car in Cancun. Probably because the tourist package reigns over here. But in a mass tourist destination, to have a little freedom could be appreciated.
If you are here, in Europe, and look at the price in dollars, you will find a bargain for sure. Even in other destinations like Lisbon, SiteStep presents most probably the best results: four days at $156 (Avis) is hard to beat. SiteStep will definitely have a place among my favourites as of today.

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