A Cláudia retomou uma velha e sempre insinuante questão: as viagens do tempo. Onde é que tu, caro leitor gostarias de ir?

Nas palavras de Paul Auster (1º parágrafo do post) eu prefiro “a glimpse of an unknown and incomprehensible future” ao fait(h) divers (toma e embrulha!) do passado.

Para recuperar um pensar muito cá de casa:
“Although there’s the temptation to confirm some ‘truths’ that we think we know about the past, if given a chance to travel in time, I’d risk it and travel to the uncertain future (like 500 years from now), even if inside an indestructible device that would protect me in case I decide not to “land” there. The reason? This is the supreme curiosity, what’s there for us on the following day, the only land of chances that we have. The Past, we slowly discover it through History and that itself is a Time Machine that has improved with the years. Discovering the future is much more complicated. Ah immortality, immortality…”

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