Conhecer ou não conhecer alguém através da net? Porquê? Para quê?
O que é esse conhecer afinal?
Pode ser muita coisa. Cada um terá as suas experiências
Deixo-vos um excerto da reflexão da Cláudia em jeito de teaser. O excerto é de um único texto mas eu recomendo vivamente também este outro sobre Sexo na Cidade.

” (…) It’s always fun to know other people, especially if they share the same interests; the internet provides a wider audience for meeting new people of any nationality, race and creed; and I’m not questioning the social software suitability for the maintenance of close social bonds but, to be honest, I wouldn’t call the people I’ve met through the internet “friendsâ€?. They are just internet acquaintances. Some are really interesting and I’m happy to have found them, but there’s no real significant attachment. I’m just concerned about the decreasing ability of people to socialize “normallyâ€?; the building of relationships seems more and more difficult. Maybe we need a cultural shift on the relationship building dynamics. The offline social capital and civic engagement are probably not that easily replaceable by software. And not half as fun, I must say 🙂 (…)”
In O Mundo de Cláudia

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